The Only Leaders Worth Following explores what makes some leaders successful while others fail. In it, Tim Spiker explains the Who* Not What Principle —that becoming a truly great leader is far more about developing who we are as people than improving what we do. In spite of data, logic, and personal experiences that point to it, few leaders intentionally and consciously order their own leadership development or the leadership development within their organizations by this principle.

What lives within the well-developed Who that makes an exceptional leader? To start, it is far more complex than having good moral character. It means addressing our insecurities and drive for self-preservation. It requires investigation into our core assumptions about life and the personal disciplines we exercise. In short, it means becoming Inwardly Sound and Others Focused.

While becoming a well-developed Who is challenging, it is both the most important and most efficient path to reaching our potential as leaders. Who our leaders are, rather than what they do, ultimately determines if we will follow them over the long haul…and it will determine if others will follow us as well.

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