“Over the last 10 years I have experienced, from the front row, Tim Spiker’s speaking ability. With passion, vision, and commitment, Tim delivers over and over the heart of what leadership is all about with clarity, conviction and a touch of wit. An invitation for Tim to take the stage with your leaders is an invitation to be provoked and engaged.”

— Dr. Mary Shippy
Founder, Align Leadership


What you can expect

Talks with The Aperio™ are typically delivered by Tim Spiker, founder of The Aperio. Their content usually centers on one of the following: how to become a leader worth following, the most critical (and hidden) truth about leadership, how to maximize the development of others, creating healthy and effective accountability, principles and practices of thinking strategically, or the essential role of self-awareness in effective leadership.

key Aperio talk elements

Audience = Heroes

Our communicator up front is not the hero, the audience is. And they will know it.

Conversational Tone

No one likes an academic on the stage, not even academics.

Passionate Delivery

You will never doubt that we believe in the messages we share. (Because if we can’t get behind it passionately, we won’t speak about it.)

Audience Interaction

That is unless you really, really don’t want it. But most love it.

Pre-Event Discussion

This way, we clearly understand what you want and why you want it.

Timely Communication

We will work diligently with you behind the scenes to ensure all bases have been covered.