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At The Aperio, we’d love to help you become and stay a leader worth following—not just for your own benefit, but for the benefit of your followers, your organization, and your family.

Is it easy? No. But it is possible. And we can help you do it.

On this page you’ll see several sections. We tried to provide the information you would need to fully understand the journey process and the content we will cover… but if we missed anything, at the bottom you will also find a way to contact us with any questions you may have.

If you missed the event you’ll find the audio and powerpoint below.

The Who* Not What Principle:

3/4 of your effectiveness as a leader comes from
who you are, not what you do.


In 2008, Tim Spiker, founder of The Aperio, was involved in a research study of with more than 20,000 data points that revealed a surprising correlation: Just two aspects of leadership are responsible for more than 75% of a leaders effectiveness. Those two aspects are being Inwardly Sound and Others Focused (click here to read the full story). We call these The Who of Leadership.

These two aspects of leadership unlock your ability to be a leader who is worth following. They produce results because they dramatically impact the effectivness of leaders in The What of Leadership.

After that discovery, we pioneered a method of development that helps leaders become more well-developed leaders by become more well-developed people. This led us to create Journeys by The Aperio™ which allows leaders to focus their efforts into the areas of leadership that make biggest difference and do so through a proven methodology that produces the development they need.

What is a Journey?

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The Who* Not What Leadership Development Journey™ is unique in the world of leadership development. It is neither theory alone, nor practice alone. It is not exclusively for the individual, nor is it exclusively for the leadership team. It is leadership development that is theory, practice, for the individual, and for the team all at the same time.

The Who* Not What Leadership Development Journey is fueled by a simple, researched truth: 3 ⁄ 4 of our effectiveness as leaders comes from who we are, not what we do. This is the Who* Not What Principle. If we are to become the best leaders we can be, we must become exceptionally well-developed people. That is precisely what this Journey is designed to enable.

If leadership tips, tricks, and tactics are your thing, this won’t be for you. If leadership development is needed for your leadership team but not for you personally, this will likely be a waste of your time and money. But if you are ready to be shoulder to shoulder with others to become more well-developed people who unleash within themselves the best leaders they are capable of becoming, this Journey is for you.

This is an opportunity for you and the leaders you lead to produce exceptional results by being and becoming the leaders (and people!) you’ve always known you could be.

Focused Impact


It isn’t all that useful to say, “If you want to reach your potential as a leader, you must become the best Who you can be. Thank you, and good night.” We need more if we’re going to put the truth of Who* Not What to work for us and for those we lead. 

In our work with executive teams, we standardly spend three to four months on each of the aspects of Inwardly Sound and Others Focused. We call these “journeys” because that is exactly what they are: intensive and in-depth expeditions of self-discovery.

Why spend three months on concepts that many people quickly agree are valuable to leaders? Because no one has ever gotten physically healthier by agreeing with a textbook about working out. Similarly, it isn’t the understanding of these ideas that makes us more well-developed Whos and more effective leaders. Rather, it is concentrated effort applied in everyday leadership moments over time that enables leaders to grow. It is the refining fire of real-life application seen through the lens of the Who* Not What Principle that brings true development.

Tested Methodology


Journeys are based on a tested methodology that leverages your day-to-day experiences for personalized leadership development and practical leadership application.

The Who* Not What Leadership Development Journey employs a multitude of learning modalities using The Aperio Method.™ This method of development has been tested in multi-cultural environments and at a variety of leadership levels from the most senior leaders, to those who are in their very first leadership role at the front lines. The Aperio Method employs a variety of modalities and in consistent methodology in order to (1) meet the broad range of learning styles of adult learners, (2) create an engaging process, (3) drive greater understanding and retention of the Who* Not What concepts and applications, and (4) support lasting change in individuals, teams, and organizational culture.

Every large group is broken up into small groups of three to four participants. Small groups provide (1) accountability for follow through on practices, self-reflections, and other assignments, (2) learning by observing peers, and (3) peer coaching.

Participants will undertake practices, self-reflections, self- observations, and other assignments for each Who* Not What module.

What will your Journey Look like?


Everyone is on a unique path in leadership development, but we are all trying to climb the same mountain. We all want to know if we are worth following.

Some leadership development is based on starting with what the leader wants to grow in an tailoring a program to meet that need. While those programs can be very helpful, Journeys is designed to focus on a common goal based on data and a tested methodology to take any leader no matter where they find themselves developmentally, up to the summit of great leadership.

Journeys cover specific elements of The Who*of Leadership for 3 to 4 months at a time.

St. Cloud Group Information

The St. Cloud group will begin January 2020 and continue until January 2021.

The group will meet in-person once per quarter. Small groups of 3 to 4 peers interact via email weekly and in-person once per month. Additional content and interaction come from The Aperio each quarter. Each participant receives individual feedback from an Aperio facilitator at the end of the quarter.

Cost: $12,000 per person
Deadline to Register and Payment Due: September 30, 2019


When do we get to the other elements of The Who* Not What Principle?
A full Journey through all elements takes four years. There will be time during the 2020 Journey where the group will consider if they would like to continue. At this time, you are only committing to the first year. Here is a sample schedule of the order.

Year 1: Curious, Empathic, Attentive, Humble

Year 2: Emotionally Mature, Worldview: Perspective, Worldview: Attention Bias

Year 3: Self-Aware, Principled, Holistically Healthy

Year 4, Secure and Settled, Purposeful, Agapone

If I only do the first year, is it worth it?
Yes. Absolutely. Leaders who complete the first year of the Journey will experience in-depth and personalized development regardless of whether they continue on the rest of the Journey. No matter what happens or doesn’t happen in years two, three, four of the Journey, the developmental experienced in Year One will serve leaders well for the rest of their careers.

…more Q and A Questions coming based on the questions asked at our May 30th Event.

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