“Tim’s involvement with our company has come back to us many times by creating a more mature leadership group. Our increased effectiveness has led to better value-based decisions by each and every leader we have. Improvement in their decision-making has led to a tangible and meaningful impact on our bottom line.”

— Scott Blattner
President, Blattner Energy



In order to make extraordinary discoveries, great explorers go on heroic expeditions. So too do great leaders. Expeditions with The Aperio™ are leader development journeys that help leaders and leadership teams investigate the deepest aspects of being and becoming leaders worth following. This journey is not only filled with under-utilized and neglected leadership truths, it is also highly personalized and contextualized to each leader’s unique environment, challenges, opportunities, and situations.

Just as in the world of exploration, Expeditions with The Aperio are not without their challenges. They require commitment. They are personal. They are revealing. What manifests on the other side are well-developed leaders who own a deep understanding of themselves and how leadership really works. What also emerges is a more cohesive leadership team. You simply can’t go on a leadership development journey like this and do it well without creating deeper connections with your traveling partners, your fellow leaders.

Expeditions with The Aperio typically last between 1 and 4 years.


For a variety of reasons, some leaders and leadership teams are not quite ready for a full-blown Expedition. For these groups an Excursion with The Aperio™ is a better choice. These leadership development journeys provide leaders with exposure to key leadership concepts and practices in bite-sized chunks. There are two types of Excursions with The Aperio. One allows leaders and leadership teams the opportunity to see and experience many aspects of exceptional leadership in a relatively short period of time. The other offers a single, focused deep dive into an under-explored aspect of leadership. As with Expeditions, Excursions are personalized and contextualized to each leader’s unique environment, challenges, and opportunities.

Excursions with The Aperio  typically last between 2 and 4 months.


“I worked with Tim for a year and grew both as a leader and as a person. His innate ability to drill down in conversation to the core issue constantly left me pondering not only my actions, but the motives that were driving those actions. By addressing these core motives, I have become more in tune with leading others for their sake and not just to serve my purpose.”

— Bob Kjome
Chief Business Development Officer, Roebbelen Construction