“Tim Spiker has mastered the art of making learning enjoyable. The learning environments he creates expose people to helpful content through compelling experiences. The result is a fun experience where people actually remember what they hear .”

— Vanessa Kiley
Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach, Kiley & Co.


Memorable (aka Valuable) Culture and Leadership Development

  • Solving a Rubix Cube while blindfolded. (No, it wasn’t an illusion. It really happened.)

  • Commandeering one of the hotel’s TV channels to reveal that secret and personalized clues for the day’s learning experience are hidden in each participant’s room.

  • Using six hot air balloons to simultaneously place 100 leaders 2,000 feet in the air.

These are examples of culture and leader development experiences designed and executed by Tim Spiker and associates of The Aperio. Experiences with The Aperio™ are designed from beginning to end to capture the attention of participants and intertwine key concepts with each attendee’s day-to-day reality. Experiences with The Aperio doesn’t assume that participants agree with the ideas being presented. Instead, participants are invited to engage in a dialogue with themselves and with others. This, rather than forced agreement, is key to authentic adult learning.

By crafting unique culture and leader development experiences, The Aperio helps critical messages stick with participants long after the meeting is over. Additionally, Experiences with The Aperio almost always includes additional content and reminders afterwards to reinforce learnings and encourage follow-through with practical application.

Experiences with The Aperio typically last between a half-day and three days.