What If It Was All On You?

If you’re the kind of person who requires a blog post to be “3 Steps to This” or “2 Keys to That,” you’re likely not going to enjoy this posting. This posting is a challenge. It’s a no-answers, what-if, question-to-ponder blog post. Reading it won’t take long. Solving it may take a lifetime. I was recently listening to an old book by Seth Godin called Small is the New Big. In it Seth shares musings on a number of business and organizational topics. He was lamenting how companies are so careful with information such as phone numbers and names of employees even as the Internet provides us boatloads of such information. Then he asked this question: “What sorts of bad things would happen if…every head hunter knew exactly who did what, why, and how…at your company?”

That question really got me thinking.

Let’s say your competitors and their head hunters had easy access to contact all of your best people. Would that scare you? If so, why? What if you no longer had geographical desires, the hassle of moving, or healthy compensation programs to help you keep your best employees? What if keeping your best employees rested on what they experienced when following you?

Those questions led me the question of the day…

If the quality of your leadership was the only retention strategy your organization had, how effective would that strategy be?

I know there have been times in my own leadership when the only things that kept followers around were golden handcuffs and their commitments to see things through to completion. In those seasons, retaining them happened in spite of me, not because of me.

Today's posting is not a how-to tutorial or compelling story. It's not a to do list or a quippy leadership axiom. It's just a question on which to simmer. I'll put it to you again...

If the quality of your leadership was the only retention strategy your organization had, how effective would that strategy be?.


Share Your Thoughts:Have you ever followed a leader who was so great that it caused you to stick around in spite of other challenges that came along with staying? If so, what was it about that leader that caused you to stay?We’d love to hear from you. Join the conversation by clicking here.

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