Recording in Progress (popular re-post)


The Aperio occasionally re-posts blogs so new members don't miss popular content. (And if the content is that popular, older members might benefit from the reminder as well.) This is one of those weeks. See below for one of our most popular posts originally shared in September 2014. This week's leadership topic accosted me as I found myself in one of America's most well-known stores. So, I broke out the video camera and made an on-the-spot vlog. Apologies for the shaky camera but it's worth the reminder.

Share Your Thoughts: Has there been in a time in your leadership when you were especially conscious of the example you were setting for others? If so, what where the circumstances? Have you ever emulated a leader only to discover later that the example that leader was setting was not an effective way to lead?We'd love to hear from you. Join the conversation by clicking here.

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