About Tim

Tim Spiker, founder of The Aperio, has been passionately investigating leadership effectiveness since 1999.

Spiker Headshot 2016* Tim’s vocational calling is to find and reveal hidden truths about leadership.

* Based on these truths, he equips leaders at every organizational level to realize their leadership potential, not just in the moment, but over the course of their lifetimes.

* Tim does this through speaking, various forms of media (blog, book, podcast appearances, etc), one-on-one leadership coachingorganizational leader development consulting, peer coaching through small groups, and by creating uniquely memorable learning experiences for leaders.

* Tim also helps leaders who are following ineffective leaders take those situations and turn them into leadership development accelerators for themselves.

* In the end, it is Tim’s goal to develop better leaders who produce better results and create better lives for those who follow them and for themselves as well.

In the past, Tim has served in a variety of roles related to culture and leadership development. His leadership learnings and consulting have taken him ten of thousands miles and into a variety of environments. He has served as a key note speaker, author, leadership coach, small group facilitator, researcher, organizational development adviser, and in-house leader development manager.  To date, Tim has personal advised the executives of companies whose revenues exceed $8 billion annually. Tim is currently leading the development of executive teams in North America, Australia, and Asia.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior and Marketing, both from Washington University in St. Louis.  Additionally, Tim’s post-graduate education has included training in Six Sigma, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Highlands Ability Battery, Immunity to Change, Harvard Business School case methodology, and 360 degree leadership tools.

a-IMG_6240Other notable details of Tim’s career:

* Led the development of the leadership paradigm used by the world’s foremost construction-focused management consulting firm.

* Personally interviewed more than 100 leaders in business, healthcare, academics, non-profits, and athletics regarding effective leadership.

* Led the creation and implementation of leadership assessment and analysis for a +$700 million conglomerate with multiple locations and business disciplines.

* Led companies valuing in excess of $500 million through corporate vision creation.

* Led the development and execution of multiple multi-day culture and leader development events, each representing an investment of more than $1 million with more than 225 attendees.

In addition to his business experiences and education, Tim’s has an extensive background in collegiate athletics.  He grew up in the training room of a successful Division I football program and played basketball collegiately for two perennially successful college programs: the first a Division I school in the Big Ten, and the other a Division III program with two National Championships in the last decade and a string of consecutive winning seasons that has not been broken since since 1984.

Some people choose a vocation. For others, it seems like the vocation chooses them. Tim Spiker falls into the latter category. You cannot separate what Tim does from who Tim is. Somehow, someway, the truth of healthy, effective leadership became wrapped around Tim’s heart and never let go. He works tenaciously to discover the essence of real leadership and then submits himself as client #1 to living into what he’s found. This kind of authenticity is rare and powerful.”John Ott
former President of Guided Capital and founder of F1 Lead

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