Challenging the Process (a guru’s podcast) — The Sexiest Topic in Leadership, Part 7

“Timing is everything,” goes the saying. Today, for our tribe here at The Aperio, these words definitely apply.

Our timing is currently this…

(1) We’re in a blog series on “The Sexiest Topic in Leadership” = Thinking Strategically.

(2) Within that series, we’re currently focused on The Hunt for Better — the consistent need for leaders to drive positive changes both big and small if they are to be strategic.

(3) Within The Hunt for Better, we’ve spent our last two postings taking a look at how leaders foster change in their organizations.

All of this just happens to coincide with a podcast published this month by an outstanding leadership teacher, Andy Stanley.

Stanley is the thought leader behind one of the world’s most valuable and listened to leadership podcasts, The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. (Ok, ok, perhaps they could’ve come up with a slightly more creative title, but hey, at least we’re immediately clear on what the podcast is about and who is delivering the content.) Stanley’s insights are routinely extraordinary. In my opinion, there isn’t a better leadership podcast in the world.

Stanley’s May 2016 podcast is titled Challenging the Process. Its focus perfectly aligns with where we are in our series on Thinking Strategically.

Click here to be taken to the podcast at iTunes.

Listening to this will be 23 minutes well invested by you. (Even smarter would be to subscribe to the podcast.)

Enjoy hearing from this great leadership thinker and reflecting back on what we’ve been exploring in the first six weeks of our series on Thinking Strategically.

Click here to be taken to the podcast at iTunes.

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