Experience Creation

Memorable (aka Valuable) Leadership Development

Tim Spiker has mastered the art of making learning enjoyable. The learning environments he creates expose people to helpful content through compelling experiences. The result is a fun experience where people actually remember what they heard.”Vanessa Kiley
Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach, Kiley & Co.

As technology and media become ever more sophisticated and pervasive, the typical corporate meeting becomes more and more challenged to be engaging by comparison. The Aperio helps organizations compete more effectively for the mind-share and heart-share of their employees by crafting unique adult learning experiences. These aren’t cheesy trust falls or gimmicky rah-rah speeches. These are experiences designed from beginning to end to capture the attention of participants and intertwine key concepts with each attendee’s day-to-day reality. By crafting unique culture and leader development experiences, The Aperio helps critical culture and leadership messages stick with the participants long after the meeting is over and the conference notebook has been put on the shelf.

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