Tim’s involvement with our company has come back to us many times by creating a more mature leadership group. Our increased effectiveness has led to better value-based decisions by each and every leader we have. Improvement in their decision making has led to a tangible and meaningful impact on our bottom line.”Scott Blattner
President, Blattner Energy

Integrated Leader Development

Though the value and impact of leadership is rarely argued, how to systemically develop exceptional leaders remains a challenging question. Rarely if ever can individuals pause their current responsibilities to work 100% on their own development. Therefore, if leadership development is to be effective, it must integrate with a leader’s day to day responsibilities.

The Aperio helps organizations develop and execute leader development initiatives that align and support their culture and strategies. The Aperio does this with leaders throughout the organization, from the executive suite to  front-line leaders.

Organizational Leader Development Evaluation

“Are we using dollars efficiently?”
“Are our leader development efforts creating the greatest ROI possible?”
“Where do we need to focus our development efforts to get the biggest and fastest returns on our leader development efforts?”

These are the questions answered by The Aperio’s Organizational Leader Development Evaluation. Through this evaluation, organizations gain insight into the effectiveness of their current practices and paths forward for maximizing their investment in leader development.

Measuring Your Organization’s Leadership Quotient

Have you ever wondered what the collective leadership effectiveness is of your organization? Though not as simple to measure as a bottom line, leadership effectiveness can be calculated. If quantitatively measuring your organization’s leadership effectiveness peaks your interest, The Aperio can assist you with its Leadership Quotient assessment tool.

Hosted Executive Team Discussion

What are the core tenants of your organization’s leader development efforts? Are they clearly defined? Is your executive team aligned regarding where leader development falls in the endless clamor for organizational resources? How educated are the decision makers in your organization regarding the most valuable truths within leadership development? Executive Team Discussions hosted by The Aperio help unearth these answers and bring leader development to the forefront through an engaging, interactive process.

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