I worked with Tim for a year and grew both as a leader and as a person. His innate ability to drill down in conversation to the core issue constantly left me pondering not only my actions, but the motives that were driving those actions. By addressing these core motives, I have become more in tune with leading others for their sake and not just to serve my purpose.”Bob Kjome
Chief Business Development Officer, Roebbelen Construction

Personalized Leader Development

Few development efforts have as much potential for positive impact as one-on-one leadership coaching. But ‘potential’ is the operative word. Many leadership coaches act merely as unlicensed therapists providing no clear direction or challenge to those being coached. Leadership Coaching with The Aperio provides clients both challenge and direction. It balances practical application with theoretical understanding. It addresses both immediate issues and long-term needs. Ultimately, Leadership Coaching with The Aperio is about building leadership capacity in its clients by providing them with perspective and skills that will serve them into the future, long after the coaching relationship has concluded.

Coaching engagements typically last between 6 months and 2 years. They can include face-to-face meetings in addition to phone and online video interactions. For information on pricing and availability, please contact us and share a little bit about your needs.